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Monthly Rates for Assisted Living Include Monthly Basic Service & Amenities and a Personal Service Plan


Base Rate / Monthly Basic Services and Amenities

Shared Rate $3500.00

Private Rate $7000.00

Monthly Basic Services and Amenities provides a professional caring staff available 24 hours a day, includes 3 daily meals and snacks, activities, maintenance, laundry service, bed making, transportation to a physician (limited to Desert Hot Springs, charges apply for transportation out of the area at taxi fare rate). Resident Appraisal LIC 603A, admission file, and room preparation. A one-time Community Fee is required upon admission for completing a health assessment.


Personal Service Plan

Personal Service Plan includes additional services tailored to the needs and requirements of each resident. The level of Personal Service is determined through a health assessment conducted by our experienced staff with input from the resident, physician, family, and/or responsible party before admission and periodically thereafter.

Levels of Care

Level 1 $350 per month

Medication Management up to two times daily, Grooming and dressing

Level 2 $700 per month

Toileting & Escorting, Bathing 2 times per week. Includes Level 1 services

Level 3 $1050 per month

Incontinence Management, ½ hour Wellness Checks, Transferring with Assist with 1 person. Includes Level 1& 2 services

Level 4 $1400 per month

Bedbound. Turning, ½ hour Wellness Checks & Bed Baths, 2 persons assist. Includes Level 1, 2, & 3

Incontinence Program $300 per month


Respite $175 per day

Short-term stays providing all base services and levels of care


Day Care $95 per day

Drop off at 7:30 am ~ pick up at 5:00 pm. Includes lunch and daily activities


Hospice & Physical Therapy by licensed professionals, Resident’s choice.  The resident is responsible for payment to Hospice & Therapy.

Community Fee $2000

A one-time community fee is required upon admission.  The fee covers the cost of health assessment, collating admission files, and room preparation.

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